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Easy-News offers a low-cost, full service email newsletter system to businesses worldwide in the accommodation, day spa, art gallery and wine industries (and a few exotic exceptions!). When you choose Easy-News, you get our system, our service and our advice in one low per-broadcast, pay-as-you-send rate of $89.

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Boost your repeat and referral sales

You spend thousands on advertising to generate new business.

But what do you do to generate more repeat and referral business?

60-80% of your business's sales should come from past happy clients/guests and their friends – but do you have any marketing strategy to achieve this? Or do you spend the majority of your effort trying to find new clients?

An easy-news email newsletter is the quick and easy way to fix this imbalance.

FACT: "92% of online adults use email to find information on the Web. Email and search remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users." - The Pew Research Center, August 2011

FACT: "93 percent of online consumers check their email account at least once a day, if not more frequently." - Source: The Relevancy Group

Email beats social media & search

Where does email sit within the social media and search landscape?

"Email usage is far larger that social media, total searches, and even total internet pageviews combined." - Source: Smarter Tools

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With easy-news, it's all so easy

Why choose easy-news? Because we are the only newsletter service that specialises in your industry and does everything for you. Nothing to learn, no struggles. Very easy.

All you have to do is pen short pithy news and send it to us and we do all the hard work: we edit your words to make them shine, we do the programming and we do the sending to your subscribers. That is why it is called Easy-News.

We specialise in industries we understand from a marketing perspective, including boutique accommodation, wineries, day spas and art galleries and artists but we also have clients as diverse as fitness, retail and commercial business services.

Cut Your Marketing Budget - The more repeat and referral client/guests you have, the less you need to spend on marketing for new clients/guests. And that means significant money saved. A email newsletter is all about building your business on the power of referrals.

Turn Browsers into Sales - We’ll also give you a way to capture new subscribers from people who visit your website. They may be just browsing today, but with an email newsletter you can stay in touch with them and they'll become a booking/sale in the future.

Easy-News is Incredibly Easy - We do all the hard work. You just email us your rough draft news to us (it does not have to be Shakespeare!) and we’ll edit and format it and broadcast it to your subscriber list. No software to learn, no technology battles. Just friendly, efficient service from us.

Ultra Affordable - For just $29 a month (pay-as-you-go, with no contract) and a once-off design fee for the newsletter template of $255, Easy-News will give you the most powerful and effective way to stay in touch with your past guests or clients and encourage them to return and refer their friends.

Click Here to Get Started Today - we'll have your easy-news system implemented quickly.

Simon St John

"Business Owners rated email newsletters as their most effective marketing tool."
- Commonwealth Bank and Investment Trends study, Nett magazine

"93 percent of online consumers check their email account at least once a day....."
- The Relevancy Group

Investing a small amount in an email newsletter will return you twice as much as the same spending on search engine optimisation (SEO)
- US Direct Marketing Association’s 2011 Power of Direct economic impact study